D. di Fool [ Digital Photography ]

Remember me?


Remember me? I am the one who sent the troops to war, when there was none, and killed them anyway . Remember me? I was the one who killed the captain, sank the ship and waited on the pier for it to come . I was the one who ran into the eye of the hurricane and didn’t get lost . You ate the orchids and spitted gold and diamonds . Porcelain over your mouth said it all, in silence, and I died . Shattered to pieces  I fell on the ground. Never to wake up, again. I picked up the pieces that were not there , and kept on going . Cristal ships crashed into the horizon. There, where the sky and the water meet, in the foremost deep of your eyes, I sank . I flew , I ran . I didn’t went anywhere. I never go anywhere, I’m always here . I’ll always be here. Sitting in silence.

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